The Javascript SDK (JS-SDK) offers libraries which help in the process of automated generation of Angular components using an Aspect Model as input or to process an Aspect Model in frontend at runtime.

SAMM Schematic

For generating UI components it uses schematics under the hood. A schematic is a template-based code generator that supports complex logic. It is a set of instructions for transforming a software project by generating or modifying code. Schematics are packaged into collections and can be installed with npm or yarn. Afterwards new components can be by easily created by running a command in the CLI and focusing on linking everything easily afterwards. For example parent-child communication, event emitters for customizing actions, passing data back and forth.

The SAMM schematic collection is a powerful tool for creating, modifying, and maintaining any software project, is particularly useful for customizing Angular projects or components to suit custom needs of any organization.

Aspect Model Loader

The Aspect Model loader can be used to load an Aspect Model to traverse and access the different information a model provides (units, descriptions, constraints, etc.) to implement generic frontends capable to automatically adapt to the underling Aspect Model. For example a new added property and the related value could be shown in the UI including all information (name, description and unit) without changing any line of code.