Welcome to Bosch Semantic Stack

Bosch Semantic Stack enables data-driven software solutions for a product-centric digital transformation that converts data and domain knowledge into insights.
To learn more about the business value of Bosch Semantic Stack see https://www.bosch-semantic-stack.com.

The Bosch Semantic Stack tools as well as the open source tools & specification it is built upon provide the technical basis.

Introduction Bosch Semantic Stack

Get a quick overview on what Bosch Semantic Stack is and what it can be used for.

Concepts: twins, aspects, and models

Learn about digital twins, aspects, and Aspect Models — the underlying concepts of Bosch Semantic Stack.

Getting started

Hands on! Start your journey with Bosch Semantic Stack. Learn how to use existing digital twins, extend them, and add entirely new aspects based on your own Aspect Models.

Digital Twin Registry – cloud service

The Digital Twin Registry is the single point of information to find digital twins and their aspects.

Aspect Model Catalog – cloud service

The Aspect Model Catalog is the central point to publish, release and find Aspect Models.

Aspect Model Editor – OSS

The Aspect Model Editor (AME) is an intuitively usable graphical editing environment for Aspect Models.

BAMM Aspect Meta Model – OSS

Aspect Models defined using the BAMM describe domain semantics. Find out how they are defined.

BAMM Command Line Interface – OSS

Command line interface to work with Aspect Models. Validate and transform models into documentation and code.

Software Development Kits – OSS

Find further tooling and libraries to work programmatically with Bosch Semantic Stack and Aspect Models.