Bosch Semantic Stack RQL

In a nutshell

The Digital Twin Registry by Bosch Semantic Stack handles queries that use RQL to select, filter, or sort the queried data. The basis for this functionality is provided through the Bosch Semantic Stack RQL open-source project.

More details

Bosch Semantic Stack RQL

Generally, a Resource Query Language (RQL) serves as a query language tailored for use with REST APIs, specifically within URIs featuring data structures that resemble objects.

The Bosch Semantic Stack RQL open-source project comes with its own RQL grammar and the corresponding Java tooling. The RQL parser, for example, aims to support REST API owners with handling incoming queries that use the Bosch Semantic Stack RQL.

A query that utilizes Bosch Semantic Stack RQL can have up to three main parts:

  • select

  • filter

  • option

For further information on how to construct valid Bosch Semantic Stack RQL queries, refer to the Syntax Guide.

For information on how to get up-and-running with the Bosch Semantic Stack RQL library, refer to the Developer Guide.


  • Provides a specific RQL grammar

  • Validation of RQL-enhanced queries

  • Transformation of original string-based RQL-enhanced queries to Java models and vice versa

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