Your tenant’s users and technical clients have access to namespaces to allocate your Aspect Models.

A namespace allows a clear association of Aspect Models — which can be named arbitrarily — to a scope. As every Aspect Model must be assigned to a namespace and namespaces can have subsections, namespaces help organize Aspect Models.

The namespaces on your tenant

To see a list of the currently activated (aka "whitelisted") namespaces for your tenant, proceed as follows:

  1. Click your account and tenant information at the upper right of the screen.

  2. Select Whitelisted namespaces.

Whitelisted namespaces

Get namespaces for your tenant

To claim and assign one or more namespaces for your tenant, email

Please be aware that namespaces are designed to be universally unique. Therefore, only namespaces that are available and do not contain registered names of other parties will be approved (e.g. you can not claim if you are not Google). Find more details in section Requirements for new namespaces below.

Click the following link to find a prepared email with placeholders for all required content

Hello Bosch Semantic Stack team,

I would like to claim one or multiple namespaces and have them assigned to my tenant for usage in the Aspect Model Catalog.
Tenant ID: insert your tenant ID here
Desired namespace: list the namespaces here

Requirements for new namespaces

  • A namespace is given in Reverse Domain Name Notationexternallink 20.

  • All characters are in lowercase.

  • It is composed of minimum two parts separated by a dot (.)

  • It must be clear that the domain (below the TLD) belongs to you,
    e.g. from your email address or from the homepage on the internet.

  • Plausible exceptions can be made upon request.


Let’s assume that the namespace has been assigned to your tenant.

Your models in the Aspect Model Catalog can then reside in whatever sub-path thereof, e.g.:




Further resources

Find more details about using namespaces with Aspect Models in the following resources: