Setup a demo scenario

In order to set up your Digital Twin Registry with a demo scenario start by creating multiple twins and configuring them.

Don’t worry how this works for now, you will get the chance to learn more about the procedure later.


The Postman collection prepared to achieve the demo scenario is already prepared and ready-to-use.

  • Reuse the prepared environment file from the previous section

  • Import and run all requests prepared in B2-setup-data.json, except for the very last delete request which you might find useful later :).

Demo Scenario

You are now in the initial state of the demo scenario which includes:

  • 2 digital twins for cars which most likely change their location frequently

  • 2 digital twins for AGVs (automated guided vehicles) which will move within a factory fence

  • 2 digital twins for machines, which do not move, but for which other information like the current temperature is interesting

The last request in the collection can help you later, in case you want to DELETE the registry entries.

you have now set up a demo scenario and are ready to learn more.


If you run again the GET twins request from B1, you will get a list of all your digital twins in JSON notation.

"itemCount": 6
For a better overview feel free to use the UI.<your-tenant-id>
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