About the Digital Twin Registry

The Digital Twin Registry (DTR) is the single point of information about the existence of:

It is the primary means to find and work with digital twins. To do so, the Digital Twin Registry provides several APIs as well as a web-based user interface.

API docs

Note that all service requests require proper authentication.

Digital Twin Registry Bulk API

Carry out actions on many Twins or aspects at once.

Digital Twin Registry AAS V3.0 APIs

For working with Asset Administration Shells, use our AAS V3.0 implementation, which is Catena-X certified.

Refer to:

For further guidance on how to work with our AAS V3.0 APIs, proceed with Catena-X and Asset Administration Shell.

Digital Twin Registry Statistics API

Find out how many digital twins reside in your Digital Twin Registry. Counts entities such as Twins and aspects, as well as Asset Administration Shells.

Web UI

Using your tenant ID, access the Digital Twin Registry at:


Don’t have a tenant ID yet? Get one, it’s free!