Aspect Model Catalog

The Aspect Model Catalog is a cloud service for managing Aspect Models. It can be used through its API or the web application, which offers a graphical user interface (GUI).

Use the Aspect Model Catalog to maintain your Aspect Models, for example, to release or deprecate a version of an Aspect Model, and to share them, for example, with the developers who will take it from here and implement these models.

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Features of the current Aspect Model Catalog:

  • Upload Aspect Models for multiple namespaces packed in one zip file,

  • Lookup and search models by aspect name or namespace,

  • Download resources:

    • Aspect Model as a TTL file

    • Documentation as an HTML file

    • JSON Schema

    • Sample payload as a JSON file

    • AASX Model

    • OpenAPI Specification

    • Complete namespace package with all its Aspect Models as a ZIP archive

Note that this guide is focused on the web application. For details on the API, refer to the API documentationexternallink 20.

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