Available SDKs

Using the underlying Aspect Model, you can use the SAMM CLI and create an OpenAPI Spec and JSON Schema. Of course you are free to build the resulting API following the OpenAPI Spec in any language or testing tool of your choice.

However, should you wish to consume your API in Java, JavaScript, or Python, there is additional support.

Software Development Kits (SDKs):

  • Use the ESMF Java SDK or the SAMM-CLI to generate Java classes representing the data from the Aspect Model using the aspect <model> to java command.

  • Use the ESMF Python SDK to load your Aspect Model into Python code.

  • Use the ESMF JavaScript SDK to load your Aspect Model into JavaScript code. SDK-JS Schematics is an additional tool for JavaScript that helps to build generic tables from Aspect Models. We will work with the ESMF JavaScript SDK in the next chapter.

Our journey continues with creating a graphical user interface which consumes an aspect: Create a UI from an Aspect Model and consume an aspect API.