Authentication and authorization

Log in

To log in to the Aspect Model Catalog web application, proceed as follows:

  1. Using your tenant ID, open the Aspect Model Catalog:<your-tenant-id>

  2. If prompted, log in to SingleKey ID.
    For more information, see also SingleKey IDexternallink 20.

If you can access the page, you have successfully passed authentication, and should have at least read permission for the Aspect Model Catalog API.

catalog tenantok

The Aspect Model Catalog API follows the patterns you might already know from using the Digital Twin Registry API.


Authentication is required with a valid JSON Web Token (JWT) created by an OAuth2 provider.

Currently, the Aspect Model Catalog supports two OAuth2 identity providers:

  • Bosch AD

  • SingleKey ID


Authorization is based on the roles a user has been assigned.

Find a detailed description of all roles at Concepts > Authorization.