Add new digital twins with aspects

In this section you will learn how to create a digital twin from scratch.

Let us assume the company now additionally produces a new type of device.

  • The first one to register will have the Movement and Vibration aspect.

  • The second one will feature Movement and Temperature.

For further help with the Digital Twin Registry API see 20.

Product example

We assume a resulting twin should look similar to following snippet:

  "twinType": "New product",
  "twinCategory": "Product",
  "description": "Demo product x",
  "manufacturer": "ACME",
  "aspects": [...],
  "localIdentifiers": [
      "localIdentifierKeyPairs": [
          "key": "SerialNo",
          "value": "0x0x"

Create a new Postman collection

You can copy several parts from previous sections. If in doubt, consult our reference collection D3-new-products.json.
  • Reuse the prepared environment file from the previous section.

  • Make sure you authenticate with a fresh OAuth token.

  • Create Product 1.

    • Request the ID of Product 1.

    • Assign Movement aspect to Product 1.

    • Assign Vibration aspect to Product 1.

  • Create Product 2.

    • Request the ID of Product 2.

    • Assign Temperature aspect to Product 2.

    • Assign Vibration aspect to Product 2.

Check your work

Congratulations, in total you should now have 8 digital twins.