Tasks of the developer

If you need to implement one of the Aspect Models found in the Aspect Model Catalog, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Aspect Model Catalog.

  2. Retrieve the type of information you need.

    • In the Aspect Models view, the models will be ordered by name.

      catalog dev list of models
    • In the Namespaces view, you will see all namespaces and sub-namespaces.

      catalog dev list of namespaces
  3. Download the Aspect Model of your choice.

    • Starting from the Aspect Models view, click …​ > Download Aspect Model.

      download aspect model
    • Starting from the Namespaces view, click …​ > Download Package.

      download package
    • If you want to export the JSON Schema, or the HTML documentation, these are available with Open Details.

      catalog dev movement single files
  4. Use the open source tooling to proceed with creating Java, JS, or Python code from the Aspect Models.
    Open source software development kits: