Tasks of the modeling expert

As the modeling expert in your team, you will create the aspect models. The easy way is to create them in the right namespace from scratch.
Therefore, first of all ask the tenant owner to tell you the "root" namespace reserved.

  1. Set up the workspace in your Aspect Model Editor.
    See https://docs.bosch-semantic-stack.com/ame-guide/4.2.1/settings.html#namespace-settings.

  2. Create and validate the Aspect Model within the Aspect Model Editor.
    See https://docs.bosch-semantic-stack.com/ame-guide/4.2.1/start-new-models.html and the following pages.

  3. Export from Aspect Model Editor and import into the Aspect Model Catalog.

    Once you are done with modeling and want to share the models with your team, proceed as follows:

    1. Export the namespace as a ZIP archive.

      • By default, the archive is named package.zip.

      • Make sure it does not exceed 10 MB, as the UI is currently configured with this limit.

    2. Open the Aspect Model Catalog UI

    3. Click the + button in the upper right corner and follow all steps in the dialog.
      Upon success, you can see the uploaded aspect model.

Steps to take in the Aspect Model Editor

  1. Click Save.

  2. Click Export Namespace.

    01 ready modeling
  3. Click the radio-button of the namespace to be exported.

  4. Click Validate.

    01 export zip
  5. Click Export.

    03 export zip confirm

Steps to take in the Aspect Model Catalog UI

  1. Open the Aspect Model Catalog.

  2. Click + to upload a package.

    catalog modeler
  3. Navigate to the ZIP archive that you want to add or drag and drop it.

    catalog mod upload
  4. Upon success, the Aspect Model Catalog shows a green notification.

    catalog mod upload done

→ Congratulations, all team members of your tenant will now be able to see and work with your Aspect Models.